I would like to thank everyone who has contributed their time in sharing and making their favourite Sri Lankan recipes. I am sharing the names of the contributors of recipes, in chronological order, as I receive the recipes.

  1. Raji Thillainathan, my mother: All recipes on this blog except those mentioned below, under the guest bloggers’ contribution.
  2. Krishanti Weerakoon, UN staff: Fish cutlets
  3. Lalitha Senadheera, retired Government official: Polos and Kos Mallung, Konda Kavum, Mung Kavum, Kokis, Aggala
  4. Indika K: Kiri Koss and Kiribath with Lunu miris
  5. Vijayalakshmi Yogeswaran, my aunt: Panangai Paniyaaram
  6. Mohamed Muzain, UNDP staff: Butter chicken
  7. Nilusha Dishni Doranegama, clinical traumatologist: Aluwa
  8. Ithayarani Jeyabalasingham, my mother’s friend: Paal Puttu
  9. Sandamali a.k.a Flowers for the Moon from Eating milk and honey blog: Chicken curry
  10. Sunera Edirisuriya, former staff of UNDP Sri Lanka’s Transition Recovery Programme: Malu Ambulthiyal
  11. Maheesa Dayananda, former staff of UNDP Sri Lanka’s Transition Recovery Programme: Polos Embulla and Kos Melluma
  12. Skiz Fernando, journalist, musician, film-maker from Rice & Curry blog: Caramelized egg plant curry
  13. Krishanthy Kamalraj, former staff of UNDP Sri Lanka’s Transition Recovery Programme: Murukku and Cassava thuvaiyal
  14. Hasini Wanninayake, Kelaniya university undergraduate: Seeni Sambol
  15. Rushda: Prawn, Avocado and Egg Salad
  16. Asoka Handagama, renowned independent film-maker and Central Banker: Hathmalu
  17. Refinceyaa Patterson, consultant: Capsicum with Eggs
  18. Aruna Panangipally from Aharam blog: Wattakka Kalu Pol
  19. Trevor Martil, IT professional: Savoury rice, Chicken with broccoli, Mango mocktail, Flaky pie, Surprise delight
  20. Hafsa Farook, Entrepreneur: Wheat Kanji
  21. Indu from Indu’s international kitchen blog: Chicken curry
  22. Ganga from A Life(Time) of Cooking blog: Carrot sambal
  23. My eldest sister’s recipes: Ginger and date cake, Chickpea curry, Manioca curry
  24. Adapted from My Sri Lankan Recipe (Dhanish): Semolina and Coconut sweets, Milk toffees
  25. Paul van Reyk from My Buth Kuddeh: Breuder
  26. Zahabia Adamaly, consultant: Chana Bateta
  27. Mass Silva, Marketing professional: Pol Sambol
  28. My experiments: Kimbula buns, Turmeric Coriander bread with seeni sambol, Exotic muffin loaf, Mango saffron cake, Mothaha Muffin CrumblePineapple clove bread, Salad Colombo, Mango scones with caramel syrup.

If you would like to be a contributor of Sri Lankan recipes, please contact me through the form below.

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