My Writing Process Blog Tour

I was invited by Linda@La Petite Panière to participate in ‘my writing process’ blog tour. Thank you, Linda, for inviting me. Linda is one of my favourite food bloggers and I have tried out a few of her delicious recipes, in particular fiadone and far aux pruneaux. I have bookmarked several of her North African recipes to try out as well. Do visit her blog, if you have not already done so, and I am sure you will soon be trying out her recipes.

Update (07/01/2014): I have been invited by Malar from Malar’s Kitchen to participate in the writing process blog tour. As I have already participated in the tour, I will simply update this post to acknowledge and thank her for her kind nomination. Malar is from the beautiful city of Madurai in India and I am happy that I connected with her blog through Angie’s Fiesta Friday event. Do visit Malar’s Kitchen and check out her lovely kitchen experiments!

Now, let me answer the four questions that is part of this blog tour:

  • How does my work differ from others of its genre? I guess from what I have observed of the blogs of my blogging friends, most tend to work on one or at most two blogs at a time. I have a tendency to juggle multiple blogs (I have actually deleted a couple of blogs to bring it down to the current five). My reason is that I like providing a separate space for different themes, particularly when the theme focus is narrow like this blog which is focused on Sri Lankan cuisine.
  • Why do I write what I do? I enjoy blogging and interacting with other blog friends. When it comes to blogging, I write when I wish to share something with others like an introduction to Sri Lankan food or places.
  • How does your writing process work? My writing process is sporadic. I only write when I am inspired to generally. With the exception of my culinary blog where I have been able to share recipe posts more consistently because the recipes are contributed by others.

This blog tour will be continued by the following bloggers, whom I have invited:

Diana @Little bits of nice: Diana is a lovely blogging friend whom I met in the early days of this blog. I received my first blog award nomination from her. I have always enjoyed her warm and friendly blog posts. I tried out her tasty recipe for hot cross buns and have bookmarked some more of her baked stuff to try out sometime.

Lesley @ A Tropical Alternative: Lesley is a friend I met through work. Having chosen to have her mother who has Alzheimer’s with her in Sri Lanka rather than at the nursing home in Scotland, Lesley’s posts on life with her mother are always warm and humorous with a sense of nostalgia that tugs at one’s heart.

Samarpita @ Words’ Worth by Samarpita: I first came across Samarpita’s blog last year while on my culinary journey across India and was searching for food bloggers in states that I had difficulty finding particular recipes. Her blog has nothing to do with food and is mostly about books and author interviews. She subsequently reviewed one of my books as well.


8 thoughts on “My Writing Process Blog Tour

    • Thank you, Indu 🙂 I guess I have a little bit more time for indulging in blogging and writing, in general, than I used to have ever since I became a freelancer two years ago.

  1. Thank you for those sweet words Ahila 🙂 I’m very honored and flattered and it was so nice to read more about you (and listen to the music video). One day I will visit Sri Lanka xx

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