Thank you

Thank you, AJ @ AJ’s Dessert Course, for the nomination. Having bookmarked several of the delectable recipes that AJ has posted on her site, I am honoured to accept the nomination.

shineonWith regard to the seven random things to share as part of the acceptance of the nomination, I decided to share something about my mother this time as she is the main contributor of the recipes on this blog and is a very inspiring person.

  1. My mother has a warm, kind and energetic personality that tends to make people gravitate towards her.
  2. She also enjoys organizing activities and events and is wonderful at bringing together people, no matter how at odds they are with each other.
  3. Her favourite poet is Mahakavi Bharathiyar, a pioneer of modern Tamil poetry.
  4. One of my mother’s favourite short stories is T.F.Powy’s “Lie thee down,oddity.”
  5. She is a wonderful short story writer in Tamil and of course, I am biased.
  6. My mother’s favourite comfort food is fresh bread and steamed vegetables.
  7. My mother is obsessive about her morning and evening walks. I think it was her personal time to collect her thoughts and de-stress away from us when we were children and now, it is mainly for health reasons.

I do admire and enjoy each of the blogs that I follow and look forward to discovering new ones. In the meantime, I nominate the following seven inspiring blogs from the lovely blogs that I follow, for the Shine on award and hope they choose to pass it on.

  • Fig & Quince –  I love the Persian cuisine and culture posts of Team Azita, Fari & Felfeli on their delightful blog and am enjoying trying out the veganized version of the stews and soups posted on the blog.
  • Iceland in the company of heroes – I love the travel stories and photos of Iceland posted on this blog, as described by the Edinburgh university graduate who hitchhiked around Iceland exploring the places described in Njals saga.
  • La petite paniere – Linda’s delightful food blog with many recipes that I have bookmarked to try out.
  • Poppy’s Patisserie – One of my favourite baking blogs and whose recipes I have tried out several times.
  • This is thirty – I admire Laura’s commitment to her passion for running and enjoy her thoughtful posts, plus her gluten-free, vegan recipes.
  • Travel Cathay – Given that I have a special interest in the theme, particularly Yunnan, I love this blog that focuses on ancient and ethnic villages of China.
  • Yallah, bye – I particularly like the sketches and accompanying short narratives of his travels that Nicholas Andriani posts on his blog.

Have a lovely week!

16 thoughts on “Thank you

      • Oooooh let me know how that one goes! It’s so exciting when someone say they are going to make one of your recipes and at the same time you think ‘omg please let it work well and they like it’!

  1. Dear Ahila, It is such a pleasure to find you and your blog. I love that you put the spotlight on Mom! My mother is the main contributor of the recipes on my site too, so we have that in common. Loved knowing these tibtits about your mom. And I have to say that as far as the #1 items you shared about your mom, you definitely take after her! 🙂

    Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for awarding us!


    • Thank you, Azita… you deserve the award! I am happy that you think I take after my mother in terms of the first sentence I shared about her though she is more of an extrovert with abundant energy while I am more of an introvert with limited energy. 🙂 My regards to your mom and little Felfeli!

  2. Congratulations Ahila on your Shine On awards, ( sometimes I forget my good manners 🙂 , my mum will be very disappointed …). You feel so close with your mother and I love that… Continue to shine with your cuisine and writing, have a nice day 🙂

  3. Hi Ahila, thank you so much for the Shine On nomination. I am really glad you enjoy reading my blog about Iceland and the sagas, and it is exciting and motivating for me to think of it being read and enjoyed as far away as Sri Lanka. Your own blog looks great, and I will have to stop by for ideas and recipes next time I am making a curry. Best wishes!

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