Giving thanks, on New Year’s eve

I had a post pending so I thought I would go ahead and post it before the New Year dawned.

Congratulations and Thank you, Susan, for nominating my blog for the quaint Dragon’s Loyalty Award. As a subscriber of Susan’s lovely blog, I am happy to accept the nomination. I would also like to congratulate Radhika @ SugarnSpice blog for her first award within a week of starting her lovely food blog. Thank you, Radhika, for nominating me for the Liebster award!

Dragons Loyalty Award

I understand that part of accepting the Dragon’s Loyalty Award nomination means that I share seven things about me and nominate up to fifteen blogs.

images (1)As I have already posted a full post (answering ten questions, random facts, new nominations) for my first Liebster award nomination, I will go in for an abbreviated acceptance post and simply combine the random things for both awards. So here goes:

Seven random things about me:

  1. The Weligama bay area, on the southern coast, is one of my favourite spots in Sri Lanka.
  2. I once raised a baby squirrel, that had fallen into our home, when I was a kid. I named the squirrel Rikki, short for Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.
  3. The first play that I saw was at the age of 6 and it was the performance of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” at the British Council in Jakarta. Since then, I have been a fan of the theatre.
  4. I am fond of instant soup noodles – Indomie was my favourite as a child and now, I tolerate other brands such as Maggie and Ramen.
  5. I generally find shopping tiresome and prefer shopping only when there is an absolute necessity and with specific lists in my hand.
  6. I used to have a habit of collecting books and while I am trying to get rid of that habit, I still enjoy libraries and bookstores.
  7. One of my favourite musical pieces by Ravi Shankar and Yehudi Menuhin:

I would like to nominate the following lovely blogs for the two awards and of course, taking it forward is optional.

Dragon Loyalty Award:

Liebster Award:

May the new year bring you peace and contentment! Happy New Year!

15 thoughts on “Giving thanks, on New Year’s eve

  1. Thank you, Ahila, for nominating me. I’m honored and glad to know you enjoy following my blog. I too enjoy yours and learn so much from it. It is a pleasure to discover the secrets of a cuisine I wasn’t familiar with before.
    Happy New Year to you too and all the best wishes! 🙂

  2. Happy New Year and thank you so much for nominating me. I’m very pleased and honored and also thank you for taking time to read my posts. I really enjoy reading your blog and learn about your cuisine, we have so much to learn and discover.
    Bonne Annee Ahila and you make a perfect choice with Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar video 😉

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  4. Congrats on your award Ahila! I had fun reading your random facts. How wonderful that you raised a baby squirrel – lucky critter! And I must say that I’m impressed that you enjoyed a Shakespeare play at the age of 6. Thank you also for the nomination – I really appreciate it!! Celeste 🙂

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