Thank you for the nomination!

images (1)A few days back, I was surprised by a touching email from a fellow blogger. Surprising because I found that my blog had been nominated for an award and it has been in existence for only four months. Thank you, Diana @ Little Bits of Nice for nominating my blog for the Liebster Blog Award! 

After the nomination email brought a smile to my morning, my penchant for history had me looking for the roots of this award. Tracking back through the links till it broke off at some point within this year and after ‘googling’ around, I made some interpretations of the various information that I came across: (1)  the award is a lovely chain award passing on the spirit of sharing, (2) the nomination is not necessarily meant for new bloggers as much as it is meant for favourite or special blogs, (3) the nominated blog’s theme can be any subject as it rather depends on what the favourite topics of the nominator are, (4) there has been a range set to the limit of readers to a nominated blog over the years and it seems to vary between 100 in 2013 and 3000 back in 2010.

Further, there are variances to accepting a nomination, in that it is quite flexible. As such, I prefer to accept Diana’s kind nomination of my blog in the following way: sharing a few facts about my blog, 10 questions answered, 10 new nominations and 6 new questions for the nominees.

So, starting off with some facts about ‘A Taste of Sri Lankan Cuisine’:

  • This blog is the sixth of my seven blogs and is the only one focused on cuisine.
  • While I have initiated this blog and am keen to put together a site that will eventually have a representative sample of Sri Lanka’s multi-ethnic cuisine, I have personally not contributed any recipe yet.
  • My role has been to reach out to friends and invite them to send in recipes and as regular readers may already know, I also record and transcribe my mother’s recipes and photograph the food she makes.
  • Before this year, while I did engage in occasional cooking, I used to keep out of the kitchen most of the time and sticking to basics when I had to cook. It was during the last six months of trying to cook something different, colourful and nutritious enough to tempt my mother to eat when her health declined, that my interest in cooking came about and I have found that I enjoy baking.
  • This blog has become something more than just a documentation of Sri Lankan recipes to me. I have found that it has re-sparked my mother’s creative interests and she enjoys sharing her recipes and stories a lot. Despite her current frail health, she seems to enjoy concocting creative, new food.

Answering the ten questions of Little Bits of Nice:

1) What herb could you not do without? Turmeric. I am fond of a number of herbs but I think turmeric is an absolute essential in my kitchen. Not just for cooking, but also as an antiseptic.

2) What is your favourite season? Autumn. I love the fall colours. Even more so because I have had few occasions to experience it.

3) City or Countryside? City. I like to live in a city that is close to the sea but I love to travel out to the countryside on holiday as it always rejuvenates me.

4) What is your happiest memory? My years in Sweden. I guess it is because I felt a good sense of independence, freedom of thought, expression and movement in addition to the beautiful environment and wonderful friends.

5) What is the thing you most love to do? Explore through travelling or creative writing or usually both.

6) Are you an early riser or a night owl? I usually wake up before dawn as that is my most productive thinking time.

7) What is your favourite item of clothing? Shawl. I love shawls and usually buy locally designed shawls when I visit a new country.

8) Sweet or Savoury? I have a sweet tooth!

9) Which countries have you travelled to? Around 25 countries so far (too many to list out here)

10) Following on question 9, which of them is your favourite and why? Hawai’i. There is a wonderful healing vibe around Hawai’i, particularly Big Island, and I lived there at a time when I needed some time to reflect on my next steps. So, besides the beautiful blue skies and seas and the amazing double rainbows of Hawai’i, it is special because of the particular moment that I visited the breathtaking islands.

Now, for my nominations… Based on my interpretations of the award, I have chosen ten blogs from those that I now enjoy following and my selection has also included travel blogs, journals/ memoirs in addition to culinary blogs.

Your blogs are truly special, in that you share what you care about a lot with the world, and it comes through your writing, recipes and photographs. Keep on continuing your wonderful work! And, I hope you accept my nomination.

My six questions for you, if you choose to accept the nomination, are:

  1. Who is your favourite fictional character and why?
  2. Which place in this world makes you feel most at home and why?
  3. If you were to cook a meal for the most favourite person in your life, what would be the meal you cook?
  4. If given the choice, which wildlife would you contribute towards protecting and why?
  5. What do you consider as the biggest priority in environmental protection and conservation?
  6. Apart from the places you have already travelled to, where would be your next dream destination and why?

My warmest wishes to all of you, the readers of this blog… Have a lovely week!


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